wireless charge

Wireless charging seems to be a new and fashion technology, cool and modern. But truthfully , this technology has been used for over 100 years in other areas, sure you’ve heard its name: TRANSFORMER


How does a transformer work? I’m sure you’ve learned on your physical class. Don’t remember? OK, check the picture below, it’ll help you understand.

 transformer theory

This is a simple sketch map for the theory of transformer. Power transfer in 3 steps Electricity à Magnetic à Electricity. This is exactly how wireless charge works.

 wireless power theory

We have a transmitter and a receiver in every wireless charge situation. Only they are separated in a charge pad(transmitter) and a cellphone(receiver).

wireless charge

This seems simple, but it’s not. The most important places in this technology are:

1. Power --- transfer enough power for loader

2. Distance --- increase transfer distance

3. Efficiency --- decrease waste energy

4. Target --- recognize transfer target

5. Heat --- decrease heat while transfer


We now can get wireless power in a few situations, such as some electric vehicle, and cellphones. We believe that in the future, thank to our scientists and engineers’ brilliant idea and hard working, we may get rid of all cables and have unlimited power.



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